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IoTivity sources are accessible using git or through the gerrit interface to git at :

Or from a mirror :

There are several projects, but usually when people talk about “IoTivity” they specifically mean the iotivity project, else they tend to call out the particular project by name, like iotivity-constrained.

Sources can be browsed using gitweb, or through GitHub..

To fetch the sources, use git or download a tarball. If you have set up an account at the IoTivity gerrit :

git clone ssh://

To fetch the source anonymously:

git clone

or use a mirror site like github.

Release tarballs may be found at :

Or branch snapshots (these are examples) :

You can pull sources directly from a maintenance branch to shortcut some of the setup work, for example :

git clone -b 1.3-rel --depth 1

Also you can get archives of specific tags or branches (example) :

Then set up your system to build for your favorite operating system and desired hardware.

If you intend to submit developments to iotivity itself, rather than just develop using iotivity, please pick the ssh:// location, and then set up as described in the how_to_use_gerrit page.

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