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 From [[https://​​latest-c/​ocpayload_8h.html|iotivity/​resource/​csdk/​stack/​include/​ocpayload.h:​]] From [[https://​​latest-c/​ocpayload_8h.html|iotivity/​resource/​csdk/​stack/​include/​ocpayload.h:​]]
   * OCRepPayloadCreate - Creates a new payload   * OCRepPayloadCreate - Creates a new payload
-  * OCRepPayload/​Set/​Get/​Prop* - Used to set or get properties of payloads.+  * OCRepPayloadSetProp* - Various functions used to set properties of a payload. 
 +  * OCRepPayloadGetProp* - Various functions used to get properties of a payload.
 From [[https://​​latest-c/​ocstack_8h.html|iotivity/​resource/​csdk/​stack/​include/​ocstack.h]]:​ From [[https://​​latest-c/​ocstack_8h.html|iotivity/​resource/​csdk/​stack/​include/​ocstack.h]]:​
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