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How to report a bug

1/ Login at:

You will need an Linux Foundation ID to login in to JIRA site. To create an ID:

Note you sign up with an email address for LF, and use to sign in LF with the email address. but Jira uses the USERID (which is NOT the email address).

2/ Search for existing error messages and eventually comment the ticket

3/ If issue is not yet reported please do

Even if many info are always appreciable for developers, you can do it the fast way if you just attach a logfile (name it with *.log.txt suffix, then it will visible in browser), also tell which version are you using, tag, branch or top commit id.

4/ If no feedback from tracker, please ping mailing list and share the URL of report.

5/ If a patch is fixing or related to this bug, make sure it has this reference to it, ie:


6/ You can also try to reach online community for realtime support

More on contribute, jira_how_to_use page

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