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1.3.1 Release Note

  • Release Date: 18th December, 2017
  • Target repository: iotivity.git
  • Tag: 1.3.1
  • Commit-id: 633dc231b8d9967520627528a92506efca7cebcd


  • Certification Compliant with OCF 1.3 Spec.
  • Bug fixes from 1.3.0 release

Releae Criteria

  • This release focused on CTT passing to obtain first certifiable OCF compatible code.
  • P1 setting rule in the jira has been altered until release to only CTT blocker issues to concentrate on getting ceritifiable code.


IoTivity 1.3.1 release fully supports CTT compliant implementation verified against CTT v2.0.0 for below features.

  • OCF1.3 Security features.
  • OCF1.3 compatible Wi-Fi Easy Setup
  • Features and Bug fixes(from maintainers) as listed below

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu, Android, Windows

Known Issues

  • Open Jira issues
    • IOT-2775 - Provisioning Manager - PM Sample app (provisioningclient) does not clear the owned devices list
    • IOT-2846 - [Linux][RD][SampleApp] rd_publishingClient is not working as Expected.
    • IOT-2432 - Simple serverHQ and clientHQ are not working as expected in windows
    • IOT-2433 - occlient(OCSample) sample app crashing in windows
    • IOT-2751 - Windows build fails for the command WITH_MQ options

* IoTivity 1.3.1 release planning

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