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IoTivity 1.1.0 release note

  • 4/18: IoTivity 1.1.0 release
New feature
  • IOT-934 - Scene manager: Alignment of the group manager with the OIC specification. A scene is a static entity that stores a set of defined resource property values for a collection of resources. Scenes provide a mechanism to store a setting over multiple OIC resources that may be hosted by multiple separate OIC servers. Scenes, once set up, can be used by multiple OIC clients to recall a setup.
  • IOT-940 - Direct pairing: Requirement for multiple users & security provisioning tools. Security without a provisioning tool can be established between two devices.
  • IOT-672 - NFC Transport: Allows IoTivity to interact with NFC enabled devices.
  • IOT-957 - IoTivity cloud support: The IoTivity cloud support includes CoAP over TCP, TLS, keep-alive mechanism, resource registration, discovery, update, delete and OAuth2 over CoAP. This simplifies the access to IoTivity resources from other Internet-based services and applications.
  • IOT-951 - KeepAlive for CoAP over TCP: Keep alive messages for CoAP over TCP connections. This is required to keep the TCP connection open. An application layer keep alive message is introduced.
  • IOT-960 - Tizen v2.4 BLE-GATT client: Tizen 2.4 BLE client supporting discovery and data exchange using BLE transport in Tizen.
  • IOT-959 - Tizen v2.4 BLE-GATT server: Tizen 2.4 BLE server supporting discovery and data exchange using BLE transport in Tizen.
  • IOT-965 - Connection manager for Android BLE: Connection manager for re-connection and auto-connection for Android BLE.
  • IOT-954 - CoAP over TCP transmission over BT/LE
  • IOT-831 - Wrong PIN should be handled properly in case of PIN based OxM
    • Add decryption error handling logic into CA DTLS adapter. It will be used while perform PIN based OxM
    • Added request cancel mechanism to handle a wrong PIN in case of random PIN based OxM. If we input wrong pin while performing PIN based OxM, OTM will prompt again for entering PIN.
  • IOT-832 - Update tinydtls to support dtls retransmission on multithreaded environment: tinydtls should support DTLS retransmission in order to guarantee handshake establishment in the case of the lossy network environment.
  • IOT-878 - Remove out-dated dependency to expat lib: Expat lib dependency is not required due to removal of PPM.
  • IOT-928 - Full android platform support for resource container: The resource container comes with an extension for the Android platform that enables the usage of native bundles to be loaded within an Android application, as well as the loading of Android based bundles. The main difference between native bundles and Android bundles is the availability to access the Android APIs based on the application context.
  • IOT-929 - Easysetup - Mediator C++ support, Android API extension and Tizen Enrollee with SoftAP:
    • Mediator C++ API support
    • Android API extension using the C++ API instead of C API
    • Tizen Enrollee using IoTivity CSDK API
  • IOT-930 - Update sending of non-integral numbers to be decimals: The Standards WG decided that we should not send floating point numbers, but instead should send decimals.
  • IOT-933 - Simulator update:
    • Resource creation without RAML.
    • Support for device and platform resources from server/client.
    • Support for editing resource properties (e.g., uri, name, interfaces).
    • Interface support as per OIC spec (oic.if.baseline, oic.if.r,, oic.if.s, oic.if.a).
    • Complex attributes support from eclipse UI.
      • Array of primitive types (string, int, double, bool)
      • Array of objects (e.g., MediaSource for TV)
    • Showing allowed values from client controller for PUT/POST after configuring the resource from RAML.
    • Removed “multi-resource automation” view from client/server.
  • IOT-935 - Resource server builder update:
    • New interfaces for RCSResourceObject
      • To add resource interfaces and resource types
      • To bind resources to a resource for a collection resource.
    • A new feature for RCSResourceObject. A response will be different by the interface of the request. In 1.1.0, 4 interfaces are supported.
  • IOT-941 - Security: spec gap resolution: Security resource (properties) name & SVR DB context should be synchronized to RAML spec.
  • IOT-942 - RAML spec compatible patch
  • IOT-955 - Bluetooth: separation of pairing exchange from the discovery procedure
  • Bugfixes - 74 bugfixes on various components
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