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   * [[https://​​browse/​IOT-3280|IoTivity:​ /​oic/​sec/​pstat does not update /​oic/​sec/​doxm to owned]]   * [[https://​​browse/​IOT-3280|IoTivity:​ /​oic/​sec/​pstat does not update /​oic/​sec/​doxm to owned]]
   * [[https://​​browse/​IOT-3102|"​Randomly"​ generated ID message are same]]   * [[https://​​browse/​IOT-3102|"​Randomly"​ generated ID message are same]]
 +  * [[https://​​browse/​IOT-3288|IoTivity does not send Observe Request after close TCP connection (CT1.2.21)]]
 === P2 === === P2 ===
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