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QA Activities

Unit Test, Integration Test by Developer

  • Coding standard/Guideline/formatter
  • Build Verification Test / Unit Test / Integration test

Revision Version Release QA

  • After co-location integration test by developers
  • Integration/Performance Test on Basic TCs
  • Sample Application verification
  • No OIC Compliance Test

Minor Version Release QA

  • Integration/Performance Test
  • Sample Application verification
  • Judge if OIC Compliance Test is required

Major Version Release QA

  • Freeze API/Specification : 6W ahead of QA start
  • OIC Compliance Test
  • Full Integration/Performance Test
  • Sample Application/Document verification
  • Exit Criteria
    1. Critical/Major Defect should be 0
    2. Execute on multiple platforms

Concerns on Integration QA

  • QA team should be organized
  • R&R should be defined
    1. Who is to lead integration QA
    2. Defect Management
    3. Test Case Development
    4. Test Case Execution & Reporting
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