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IoTivity Build

Go to the top (root) directory of ‘IoTivity’ project. Run the below command:

  $ git checkout test
  $ git pull

To Build without Security:

  $ scons TARGET_OS=linux

To Build with Security:

  $ scons TARGET_OS=linux SECURED=1

To Build with Security and TCP:

  $ scons TARGET_OS=linux SECURED=1 WITH_TCP=1

(Note: C sdk requires tinycbor, secured build requires mbedTLS. Please follow the instruction in the build message to install tinycbor & mbedTLS)

IUT Simulator Build

IUT Simulator is an OCF client-server simulator which supports the basic client and server features mentioned in the OIC Core Spec. It is based upon IoTivity implementation of OCF specification. The server part supports discoverable, non-discoverable, observable, non-observable, secured and non-secured resources. Both the server and client support all CRUDN operations. Resource, Platform, Device and Collection discovery is supported for the client. The client supports both CON & NON type messaging. To build IUT Simulator, follow the bellow steps:

  $ cd test
  $ scons MODULE=iut    

If IoTivty was built in non-secure mood, then:

$ scons MODULE=iut SECURED=0

Note: IoTivity must be build before IUT Simulator build

Run IUT Simulator

From the test directoty (<iotivity_root>/test), go to linux binary folder:

  $ cd bin/linux/

To run IUT Simulator using default settings( Non-confirmable, IPv6, non-secure server):

  $ ./IUTSimulator

Run IUT Simulator with customize settings:

  $ ./IUTSimulator [QoS<0/1>] [IP_Version<4/6>] [Security<-1/11/12/13/21/22/23>]

Argument Type:


  0 = NON (Non-Confirmable Message)
  1 = CON (Confirmable Message)


  4 = IPv4
  6 = IPv6


  no argument, or, 0 = non-secure server/client
  11 = Secured Justworks Client
  12 = Secured Randompin Client
  13 = Secure Manufacturing Certificate Client
  21 = Secured Justworks Server
  22 = Secured Randompin Server
  23 = Secure Manufacturing Certificate Server


  $ ./IUTSimulator 0 4    It’s for, NON-type IPv4 non-secure server/client
  $ ./IUTSimulator 1 4    It’s for, CON-type IPv4 non-secure server/client
  $ ./IUTSimulator 1 4 11 It’s for, CON-type IPv4 secure justworks client
  $ ./IUTSimulator 1 6 12  It’s for, CON-type IPv6 secure randompin client
  $ ./IUTSimulator 1 4 21  It’s for, CON-type IPv4 secure justworks server
  $ ./IUTSimulator 1 6 22  It’s for, CON-type IPv6 secure randompin server

Operate IUT Simulator

  • To start non-secured AirCon Resources, select option 102
  • To start secured AirCon Resources, select option 104
  • To start a secured server with only 1 resource, select option 105
  • TO create collection, select option 6 (after selecting 102 or 104)
  • To update local resource representation (for observe TC - CT1.2.6), select option 34, select the local resource, then provide key & value of the representation to use in POST request
  • For testing with Chomarch CTT, use the supplied PICS file from <iotivity_root>/test/PICS folder
  • To perform multicast resource discovery without query select option 12
  • To send GET request in client mode, select option 17 & next select the desired resource
  • To send POST request, select option 22, next select desired resource & then provide key & value of the representation to use in POST request
  • To send Observe request, select option 25 & select desired resource next
  • To send cancel observe request, select option 26 & select desired resource next
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