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IoTivity UPnP Bridge


UPnP-Bridge is an open source software framework that discover existing UPnP devices/services. UPnP-Bridge then translates UPnP devices/services/actions into IoTivity devices/services and registers them as IoTivity devices through Resource Container. This allows existing UPnP devices/services/action to be managed and used through IoTivity like any other IoTivity device.



IoTivity Release 1.2.0

Released: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - “Prototype” UPnP-Bridge with “Prototype” UPnP Data Model

Downloads: “IoTivity and IoTivity-UPnP-Bridge 1.2.0”

  • Implemented following UPnP Device Control Protocol (DCP)s:
    • LightingControl:1 DCP
    • InternetGatewayDevice:2 DCP
    • MediaServer:X and MediaRenderer:X DCP
  • Sample code working with UPnP-Bridge and existing Resource Container (c++) plug-in infrastructure, gUPnP libraries, awox light, and gupnp-network-light
  • UPnP-Bridge discover UPnP Devices/Service/Action, translate, register in IoTivity Resource Container
  • Linux Upnpbridge – Runs as services that loads UPnP-Bridge library and Resource Container
  • Linux iotApp UPnP Client the will find the UPnP light using IoTivity and will toggle the light state through IoTivity
  • Linux UPnP Observe utility finds the UPnP DCPs using IoTivity and observes any changes in the DCPs attributes and reports the change.
  • Android upnpclient App that will find the UPnP light using IoTivity and will toggle the light state through IoTivity.
  • Android upnpavclient App that will find the UPnP AV devices using IoTivity and will act as a UPnP control point through IoTivity.

IoTivity Release 1.3.0

IoTivity Release 1.3.0

Currently Target: May 2017 - “Official” UPnP-Bridge Release with “Official” UPnP Data Model




IoTivity Projects, Functions, and Maintainers:

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