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First Meeting


  • Uze Choi Samsung
  • Randeep Samsung
  • Ashok Channa Samsung
  • Mushfiqul Islam Antu Samsung
  • Dongik Lee Samsung


  • Pending issues for Release : There are more than 3 Critical Security related issues to be resolved.
  • Make the RC3 tag in this week before all features are merged.

Second Meeting


  • Uze Choi Samsung
  • Sungkyu Ko Samsung
  • Justin Hutchings Microsoft
  • Kevin Kane Microsoft
  • Dave Thaler Microsoft
  • Daniel Ferguson Intel
  • Rick Bell Intel
  • George Nash Intel
  • David Anther Intel


  • Priority Set for each defect in Triage meeting
    • : improvement has low priority, Basic operation will take high priority. (However, crash or critical security hole should have higher priority)
    • : Let Release Management organize the priority if unbalanced.
  • RC3 tag in this week, Next week RC4 for coming Security related major 3 issues.

Post-mortem (my opinion)

  • Priority Set from scratch thru CC is not proper. Better to set it before, and participate the appropriate person to explain for this and discuss priority with other will be better process.
  • However, unfortunately, some maintainers related with defects divided as different timeline (Asia time region/PST time region), not easy to communicate together.
  • Need some suggestion.
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