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IoTivity release telco

Topic: IoTivity september release (1.2.0 or 2.0.0)

Date: 10.06.2016


  • Markus Jung (Samsung)
  • Sung-Kyu Ko (Samsung)
  • Dave Thaler (Microsoft)
  • Dan Mihai (Microsoft)
  • Justin Hutchins (Microsoft)
  • Ram Jeyaraman (Microsoft)
  • Rick Bell (Intel)
  • Vijay Kesavan (Intel)
  • Aja Murray (VTM)

Release date: End of September (30/09)

Version number: 1.2 (needs to be confirmed by ISG chair)

Release scope:


  • Notification service
  • Cloud - Android client, CoAP over TLS, Easy Setup, Message Queue (Pub/Sub)
  • Resource container enhancements


  • Windows Support
  • Unfork of libcoap


  • UPnP bridge (external repository)

Discussion Points:

Dave Thaler:

  • CoAP over TLS: should be aligned with IETF RFC
  • Is somebody working on TinyDTLS de-forking → should be aligned with libcoap de-forking


  • Windows Port is ready on development branch, who can review it?
  • Comment by Markus: who can act as maintainer?

Rick Bell:

  • UPnP bridge is going to be maintained in a separate repository (depends on IoTivity). UPnP bridge will not be released with the IoTivity code.


  • Question if somebody plans contribution for AllJoyn bridge → no plan for September release


  • Plan to release the used bridging plug-ins used for demonstrations, but plugin architecture alignment requirement required.


  • Question about QA test plan, which types of tests will be executed and who is responsible.
  • Testing feature/platform/responsibility matrix required
  • Sung-kyu Ko (QA function lead) asks for QA contact point at each contributer's side to test own contribution
  • List of official supported OSs needs to be provided, depending on testing


  • All features have to be production ready on master latest by End of August

Action items:

  • Provide details on release features (description, contact point, JIRA): Markus
  • Create testing matrix (feautre, platform, testing status, test owner) and list of official supported OSs: Markus/Sung-Kyu
  • Confirm version number with ISG chair: Markus
  • Create tentative release schedule: Markus
  • QA plan for this release: Sung-Kyu


  • As of now no regular telco, from August onwards more regular communication as release get's closer
  • Please use the Wiki page ( and Jira to disseminate changes on release features and to track current status (set Fix version)
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