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  • Uze Choi Samsung
  • SungKyu Ko Samsung
  • Dave Thaler Microsoft
  • Justin Hutchings Microsoft
  • David Antler Intel
  • Rick Bell Intel
  • George Nash Intel


  • Windows Port and UPnP bridge code is merged on the master branch, under QA testing.
  • Wish to share the result to IoTivity QA function leader (SungKyu. Ko)
  • Libcoap unfork 2 steps from whole 4 steps will be applied into IoTivity 1.2. next two can be done later.
    • Ashok, please check the code as submaintainer of discovery&connectivity project.
  • Tag on “Fix Version/s” as “1.2-rel” if bug should be applied to 1.2.0 release. In Jira.
  • RC2 tagging schedule: Until early next week: (All release features should be merged on master first.)
  • Platform Extension sub-maintainer request are discussed. Android platform sub-maintainer is accepted by Rick(Intel)
  • Backward compatibility (into 1.1.1) requirement discussion
    • Not decided yet, we need to collect the what is different from spec support perspective.

P.S) Rick , could you prepare the wiki page for UPnP Bridge feature.

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