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Path to sample client

1. Change the working directory to:


2. Bridging folder consists of all the plugin folders and also an mpm_client folder.

3. Change directory to mpm_client

Path to plugin shared library

Each plugin has its .so file generated at the location:


Load a plugin

To load a specific plugin, issue the command given below

  ./client_name <security flag> <path to plugin shared library>/lib<plugin_name>
  Security flag                   : -n (for running IoTvity in non-secured mode).
  NOTE: To run in **SECURED** mode no flag is required.
      ./mpmsampleclient –n ../../ [To run in NON_SECURED mode]
      ./mpmsampleclient  ../../ [To run in SECURED mode]

For more details, please refer to README present in the mpm_client folder


Each plugin has its own README in the respective plugin folder which talks about how to run the plugin. These README files should be referred before running any specific plugin.

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