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The build script is found at the root of the IoTivity repository. Please see in master branch; the work is actually done by

To see how Jenkins calls this script (and to see partial build system configuration) see this publicly viewable page:

To gain access to the above Jenkins page and/or to gain more insight into how the build machine is actually configured, please contact CJ Collier from Linux Foundation. I have found the best way to start a work item is to draft an email (which is then converted to a ticket on LF’s side) and send it to ''. CJ is usually the person to pick these items up. If there is more prep work on your side to do, he is pretty good at letting you know what is able to do and what you should do before he can actually take action.

In addition to CJ, you may contact me (Joey Morrow and I will either help you or point in the direction you can find more help.

Also note there are some suggestions for changes to building at build_changes, feel free to add items for discussion there.

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