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Note, more details are linked on separate pages : How to build sources for any os for any hardware.

Environment Setup

  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or above
  • Architecture: x86_64
  • Compilers: GCC v4.6 or above
  • Internet connectivity: No firewall/proxy

Dependency packages

Please refer to <IOTIVITY_ROOT>/Readme.scons.txt for list of packages to be installed before initiating a build.

Build Procedure

1. Navigate to the iotivity root directory. We would refer to iotivity root directory as IOTIVITY_ROOT from here onwards in the document.

2. Issue scons command to start the build process.

  If build fails with a prompt asking user to clone tinycbor:
  > Issue the below command from IOTIVITY_ROOT
    git clone extlibs/tinycbor/tinycbor
  > Once clone is done, navigate to <IOTIVITY_ROOT>/extlibs/tinycbor/tinycbor 
    and checkout to branch v0.4
    git checkout –b v0.4
  > Reissue scons command.                                     

3. To build a specific subdirectory in IOTIVITY_ROOT

  scons <subdir_name>
  eg: scons bridging  # To build bridging subdirectory

4. To build iotivity in non-secured mode

  scons SECURED=0

5. To enable logging

  scons LOGGING=yes

Note: To build bridging project in non secured mode with logging enabled, issue the below command.

  scons bridging SECURED=0 LOGGING=yes

6. On successful build, binaries would be generated under the below path:

  eg: <IOTIVITY_ROOT>/out/linux/x86_64/release/bridging.
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