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Getting Started with IoTivity - Troubleshooting and FAQ

Note this page is a WIP draft

This information pertains to the “Getting Started” instructions found on If having issues with the steps outlined there, please read through these common issues and questions.

  1. If building on Windows, see this wiki page: <TBD>
  2. If not building on Windows or Ubuntu Linux 16.04.5, and have generic toolchain issues, suggest installing Ubuntu Linux 16.04.5, or creating an Ubuntu 16.04.5 VM using VMWare Workstation (free download for non-commercial use).
  3. If planning to develop a Client application, or contribute to the OCF Specifications, try building and running IoTivity “main”, using the instructions on this wiki page
  4. Is there an Android Client? Yes! The Android version of the OTGC can be downloaded by <TBD>
  5. Still no luck? Ask your question on the iotivity-dev email reflector.
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