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Robot Framework Document

Robot F/W standard Lib - Primary - RobotFW_Lib_Summary.xlsx

1. Project Structure

2. Aadd remote library feature to current robot framework user library

Add below codes ( Example :

  if __name__ == '__main__':     
      import sys     
      from robotremoteserver import RobotRemoteServer
      RobotRemoteServer(IoTTestFWLibrary(), *sys.argv[1:])

3. How to run remote library server

  jython [libraryFileName] [IPAddress] [Port]  
  (Example : jython 8270)

4. Robot Framework Guide

Execute Robot TC Locally

  • Go To robot automation folder: cd test/src/automation/robot
  • Update the file config.txt with necessary environment settings
  • Execute providing os(linux/tizen/android), type(api/interop_app/bat)m module(comma separated) start(local/client/server) clean_build(0/1)
  • Example: ./ os=linux type=api module=ri,re start=local clean_build=0 complete_run=1
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