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Versioning Policy

Version Name

  • Major.Minor.Revision
    • Each version number reflects the significance of release
    • Major : Changing framework which could cause incompatibility with interfacing systems
    • Minor : minor features or significant fixes
    • Revision consists of the periodic patches including the bug fixes that come out since Minor version freezes
    • Major.Minor .Revision : Synchronized with release number (V1.0.0)
    • Starts version numbers from 0
  • [Major] should be incremented by IoTivity chair’s approval
  • [Minor, Revision] should be managed by Lead Architect

Release Candidate/Additional Release

  • 1.0.1_RC1, 1.0.1_RC2, 1.0.1_RC3, …
  • Release candidate version release whenever official release happens
  • When additional release occurs even after revision number freezes
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