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Resources are the fundamental unit of operation in the IoTivity ecosystem: units of functionality (which can be either physical or logical) are modeled as resources, and the underlying RESTful OCF protocol describes a request/response model for operating on these resources. In this model, a resource has identity, and is always identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Resource Encapsulation

An abstract layer which consists of common resource function modules.

Resource Broker

A functional module of Resource Encapsulation layer which monitors the presence status of the resource of interest.

Resource Cache

The function module of the Resource Encapsulation layer which manages the caching of Resource data.

Resource Client

The common API layer for the Resource Cache and Resource Broker modules,

Server Builder

A module which provides for the easy creation of resources with flexibility of handling the request either internally in the module itself or at the application level.

Resource Container

Provides the APIs for integration of non-OIC resources into OIC ecosystem.

Resource Bundle

Contains the resource information of non-OIC devices, used to create resources.

Things Manager

An abstracted service which comprises 2 sub services: Group management and Things configuration/maintenance service.


A set of devices in an IoTivity local network and remote networks for accomplishing the specific goal. Using several kinds of criteria, devices can be a member of a specific group. However, basically those member device s don’t have any information about the group. Only the device that creates this group can have and maintain the information about this group. Currently, resource type can be used as criteria for group formation and more criteria will be provided later.


A set of action descriptions needed by remote devices as the member of a specific group. For a particular group, multiple actions set can be assigned to this group. One action set can have multiple actions and one action should be assigned to one sp ecific member devices’ characteristic. Currently only resource type can be used as device’s characteristic.

Group Manager

A software service which helps to shape a specific group and maintain that group. Group action feature - creating, maintaining and executing group action related with this group also provided by Group Manager.

Things Configuration

A Things Configuration class provides several APIs to access a Configuration resource’s value to get/update a system parameter. The extent of what a Configuration resource covers could be all system - specific parameters. In this release, a Configuration resource partially covers system parameters on a device name, location, and currency information.

Things Maintenance

The purpose of a Things Maintenance is to request a system command (e.g., Factory Reset, Reboot) with a maintenance purpose to a resource server by accessing a Maintenance resource’s value from a client remote in distance.

SRM : Security Resource Manager

AMS : Access Management Service

ACL: Access Control List

ACE: Access Control Element

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