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WARNING: this wiki under construction. Changes since Feb 13 have a risk of being lost - please drop an email to if you change something.

Contributing to IoTivity

IoTivity is an open source project and contributions are welcomed! Please review the Project Governance and Contribution Guidelines before submitting code or asking questions in the mailing lists. Details on how to get involved in all aspects of the IoTivity project, including account creation, can be found on

Some less formal tips can be found at contribute.

Jan 2018: the wiki is undergoing some review, please chip in if you would like to help. Use this link to record places that are out of date or other work that needs doing: wikistatus

Getting Set up to Develop

Programming Guide


IoTivity documentation is divided between the formal documentation which is published at and the less formal descriptions on this Wiki.

  • Most of the formal documentation is API documentation, maintained inline in the header files using doxygen markup, and subject to the same change control process as the code. See API Guidelines and the markup guide for information, and How to Use Gerrit for submission/reviews.
  • The wiki is an excellent home for a discussion of a single topic, such as the many listed on this page.
    • Request: if uploading images to the wiki illustrate something, please find some place to store the “source code” to the image, or maintenance will become a problem. Yes, this includes Visio and PowerPoint diagrams, and PDF documents. They just have to get tossed if they go out of date and nobody can find out how to update.

Technical Notes

Concepts (keywords)

Release Management Function

QA Function

Frequently Asked Questions

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