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IoTivity TZ Wrapper

IoTivity TZ Wrapper Structure

Trustzone (TZ) supporting IoTivity wrapper can provide interface particularly used for certificate-based secure connection using mbedTLS library. This wrapper supports Callback registration for Secure world APIs, Certificate aliasing query and private key setup and data signing.

Callback definition for TZ Interface

Header : iotivity/resource/csdk/security/include/pkix_interface.h

Callback set-up API

  • To set interfaces of H/W support library to mbedtls library
    • Implement below required callback functions within the H/W support library (e.g. DCM library)
      • GetHwKeyConext
      • FreeHwKeyContext
      • GetOwnCertFromHwCallback
      • SetupPkContextFromHwCallback
    • H/W support client has to setup required callback functions by calling SetHwPkixCallbacks() API.

Header : iotivity/resource/csdk/security/include/pkix_interface.h

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