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Resource Encapsulation consists of several components as follows for resource server/client operations.



    • Provide the reachability information for the resource of interest
    • Remote Resource Presence check (regardless that the server does not support presence notifying feature)
    • Guarantee the delivering the data of the selected resources
    • Privide Data Centric APIs (Send/Recv Message, Getter/Setter, Data Cache)
    • Manage the Lifecycle of Resource Server (Bundle)
    • Handle the resource instance in a Singleton Server or Multiple Resource Server
    • Resource Attribute Setter (Request Message Handling Data Setter)

Resource Manipulation APIs

* Resource Server Server side APIs provide the functions of Resource Container and Server Builder.

Class API Parameter Return
ResourceObject::Builder Builder const std::string& uri, const std::string& type, const std::string& interface Builder&
setDiscoverable bool Builder&
setObservable bool Builder&
setAttribtues ResourceAttributes&, ResourceAttributes&& Builder&
create void std::shared_ptr
ResourceObject setAttribute std:string& key, const T &value void
getAttribute std::string& key template <typename T>
notify void void
setSetAttributeRequestListener const std::string& key, SetAttributeRequestListener (Function ptr) void
removeSetSetAttributeRequestListener const std::string& key

* Resource Client Resource Client API covers the functions of Resource Broker and Resource Cache sub-modules.

Class API Parameter Return
DiscoveryManager discoverResource const std::string& host, const std::string& resourceURI void
RemoteResourceObject startWatching ResourceStateChangedCallback void
stopWatching void void
startCaching void void
stopCaching void void
getChchedAttributeValue const std::string& key template T
getAttributeValue const std::string& key, (Function ptr) void
setAttributeValue const std::string& key, (Function ptr) void
getUri void string
getAddress void string
getTypes void vector <string>
getInterfaces void vector <string>
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