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1.3.0 Release Note

  • Release date : 31th May, 2017
  • Tag: 1.3.0 (iotivity.git, iotivity-alljoyn-bridge.git, iotivity-upnp-bridge)
  • Commit-id on each repository
    • iotivity.git : a532ef729f3d4836975615583b2d8c8a9de63c21
    • iotivity-alljoyn-bridge.git : 8800d1b7adf3fc7bdd4be6f6be441eb98e92f251
    • iotivity-upnp-bridge.git : cc2fca24587b26c3112a92515e423e551b644e31


  • Enabling OCF1.0 features (But, it cannot pass the OCF certification criteria, yet)
    • Next release 1.3.1 will meet the certification criteria with OCF1.0 CTT final version ready
  • Synchronize OCF project proposing specification (CoAP Native Cloud Project, WiFi Easy-Setup Project)

New Features

Updated Features

  • OCF Project Related item
    • WiFi Easy-Setup (Jihun Ha,
      • Sync with WiFi Easy-setup Spec update
    • CoAP Native Cloud project (Jeehyeok Kim,
      • Sync with CoAP Native Cloud Spec update
      • CoAP over Web-socket
      • Web-browser based dash-board
      • Dockerize each servers
      • API for 3rd Party service integration
  • ETC
    • Bug fixes found from productization practice

Feature out of scope

  • Provisioning Manager - Multiple Ownership transfer
  • Provisioning Manager - Confirm-related OTM
  • Provisioning Manager - Direct Pairing : Deprecated
  • Resource Container : Deprecated
  • Collection support : Not implemented yet
  • BLE transport - Tizen : Relevant API is not supported
  • BLE transport Android-Android scenario (over Android 6.0) : BLE operation mechanism has been changed
  • Cloud Interface with Tizen/Android (Secured) - Not verified
  • Windows Platform - Service, Cloud, BLE/BT transport are not supported

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu, Android, Windows, Tizen

How to Apply mbedtls 2.4.2 version

Next Release Plan

  • In October IoTivity will have an OCF1.0 certifiable release.
    • IoTivity will cross-check with the updated CTT and apply the September PF result.
  • For the July Plugfest support, IoTivity has a plan to make the CTT compliant version on the end of June
    • If possible IoTivity will make a tag on 1.3-rel for this.

Known Issues

  • Non-conplaint from certification tool. (Final OCF1.0 CTT version is not released yet)
  • Open Jira issue
    • IOT-2358 - Provisioning Manager - OCProvisionSymmetricRoleCredentials API is not working correctly
    • IOT-2381 - OCServer Sample App does not work in NON Observe & Cancel scenario
    • IOT-2387, IOT-2384, IOT-2380, IOT-2378
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