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Release Notes - IoTivity - Version 1.0.1

This release fixes several issues regarding OIC conformance, interoperability and also major security bugs. An upgrade of IoTivity clients and servers to this revision is mandatory.

Details on issues and links to according code change sets can be found at


  • [IOT-768] - TCP header message length is always 0 for small messages (0~12 bytes)
  • [IOT-807] - Fix for sending large payload over IP networks
  • [IOT-808] - Configuration APIs do not work properly on Tizen
  • [IOT-813] - High battery consumption on Android devices
  • [IOT-825] - Fix for provisioning bug
  • [IOT-826] - cancelObserve call fails if the quality of service is specified as high
  • [IOT-829] - Not supported |CT_FLAG_SECURE| flag on |PMGenerateQuery| API
  • [IOT-830] - Remove all credential resources from |credresource|
  • [IOT-833] - IoTivity does not build on big endian systems
  • [IOT-834] - IoTivity problems with musl libc
  • [IOT-835] - OIC conformance: array data type encoding format
  • [IOT-842] - OIC conformance: modified discovery payload
  • [IOT-846] - TIZEN application crash fix for resource encapsulation layer
  • [IOT-847] - Sample application bug fix for resource encapsulation layer
  • [IOT-848] - Resource encapsulation layer crash in Android
  • [IOT-850] - Resource container crash in Tizen
  • [IOT-851] - Simulator bug fix
  • [IOT-852] - Simulator value update frequency bug fix
  • [IOT-853] - Fix for things configuration module crash
  • [IOT-856] - Resource encapsulation layer: use post instead of put request for setter operation
  • [IOT-859] - Fix potentials defects detected by static code analysis
  • [IOT-860] - Fix for memory management in Arduino
  • [IOT-864] - Fix of AES-CBC cipher-suite implementation
  • [IOT-874] - OIC conformance: oic/d and oic/p not listed when sending a multicast discovery message
  • [IOT-875] - OIC conformance: data model value not correct
  • [IOT-876] - OIC conformance: lcv property formatted incorrectly
  • [IOT-900] - Build error with WITH_TCP=true option
  • [IOT-901] - CoAP payload encoding type missing when the blockwise transfer used
  • [IOT-903] - OIC conformance: platform representation encoding format
  • [IOT-904] - OIC conformance: representation encoding format
  • [IOT-906] - OIC conformance: change presentation representation encoding format
  • [IOT-907] - Placed OC random functionality at common place for resource introspection and connectivity abstraction layer
  • [IOT-909] - Enable IPv6 on Android
  • [IOT-910] - OIC conformance: change device representation encoding format
  • [IOT-911] - OIC conformance: change security representation encoding format


  • [IOT-828] - OCRepresentation should provide host information
  • [IOT-849] - Resource client Tizen sample application UI update
  • [IOT-854] - Things manager Tizen sample application
  • [IOT-857] - CoAP over TCP support Tizen
  • [IOT-858] - Payload/option removal for empty messages
  • [IOT-862] - Add target transport for Android
  • [IOT-897] - OCRepresentation can check attribute type
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