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In order to guarantee the quality of source code, IoTivity has its own criteria for QA Entry and Exit.

Release Entry Criteria

  1. The release does not contain third party IP (without appropriate license)
  2. IoTivity Member company should run its own static analysis tool on the codes it contributes.
  3. The OIC specified features are in compliance with Spec, expect feature specified by IoTivity
  4. All supported features are code complete and stable
    • Any code changes on supported features or APIs will be handled by Jira defect system
    • All Supported feature and API should be fixed 6 weeks prior to QA start in case of Major version release
    • Capable of being build in supported environments
  5. Release code in single branch and appropriately tagged.
    • Major/Important minor (or stable) version is to maintain in Release branch
    • Revision (or prior to stable) version is to be released as a snapshot on branches.
  6. Test Plan/Strategy has been approved by cross functional team members
  7. All unit test case are executed with pass rate of:
    • Feature fully implemented: 100%
    • Experimental feature should have unit test
    • Unit test should cover more than nominal code path (should include nominal and common error handling)
  8. Test devices and test environment are setup and ready
  9. Test apps and/or sample apps are ready
  10. Test cases completed, reviewed and approved by cross functional team members
  11. All documentation are ready and reviewed by cross functional team
  12. Triage meeting is required for filtering out the remaining defect

Release Exit Criteria

  1. Test case are defined & executed per test plan - rate: 100%
    • New Feature, Fixed defects, interoperability, performance, regression
  2. All or at least subset of test cases are executed under an agreed dynamic analysis tool (e.g., Valgrind on Linux)
  3. Test case pass rate: 95%
  4. Critical and Major defects (P1): 0
  5. Test results are documented in test plan and checked in to the source control repository
  6. IoTivity API Document should be updated
  7. Wiki page for each release has to be updated with list of supported features and list of known issues etc…
  8. In case the release aims to align the OCF conformance test toolkit, iotivity code should be verified by this tool and vice versa.

- Release Criteria v2

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