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 ===== Mac OSX Build Instructions ===== ===== Mac OSX Build Instructions =====
-To [[build]] [[sources]] for Mac OSX, Xcode is required.+To [[build]] [[sources]] for Mac OSX [[OS]], Xcode is required.
   * Xcode: https://​​xcode/​downloads/​   * Xcode: https://​​xcode/​downloads/​
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 (yyy is the OSX version, e.g. 10.10) (yyy is the OSX version, e.g. 10.10)
-To run the samples first run the following from the command line:+To run the samples ​[[examples]] ​first run the following from the command line:
     export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=<​iotivity root >/​out/​darwin/​x86_64/​release ​     export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=<​iotivity root >/​out/​darwin/​x86_64/​release ​
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