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Iotivity Simulator

This page describes the detailed information for IoTivity Simulator as follows.

Use Case

  • Developers can test the implementations without having real hardware.
  • Manufactures can provide reference resource models using simulator. Enables users/developers to test the functionality of the device first before purchasing the real device.

Sample Use case Scenario: Assume, to test the functionality of a custom use-case implementation, a large number of light & fan resources are required. Testing the implementation would be difficult as it requires more number of devices. In this case, we can use the simulator for simulating the real devices.


  • SDK support for Java API on Linux Platform.


  • OIC resources can be simulated, Using resource model definition (RAML) files.
  • Manages creation, deletion, request handling and notifications for OIC resources.
  • Changing attribute values both manual and automatically is available.


  • Searching for different types of resources available in the network.
  • Sending different types of requests both manual and automatically and displays the response payload received.
  • Validating the responses received as per the RAML file provided in automatic requests scenario.


Simulates OIC server or OIC client without requiring real hardware.

Flow Diagram

Eclipse Plugin UI Design


Note: Plugin is available only for Linux Platform. To support on Windows, IoTivity platform support for windows is required.

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