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 +  * Uze Choi Samsung
 +  * SungKyu Ko Samsung
 +  * Dongik Lee Samsung
 +  * Nathan Heldt-Sheller Intel
 +  * Mitch Kettrick OCF
 +  * It is deferred to resolve Improvement Jira ticket context for the next release.
 +  * Certification related issue is left but it will be resolved by tomorrow (IOT-1423)
 +  * Some windows specific issues remain but not critical to block to release.
 +    * Moreover Window App Store specific issue looks out of scope IoTivity handling as of now. 
 +    * If needed we can include this constraint into next release or IoTivity design/QA criteria.
 +  * Once IOT-1423 is resolved, Release Management Function Lead will create RC4 tag (expected date: this Friday)
 +  * If more discussion is needed, Let me set up the CC 6PM PST 13-OCT.
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