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Feature Development

The following sections list IoTivity features based on the the current status.

NOTE: This tables are summary and reference listings. See the JIRA ticket for contributor contact information, notes on progress, etc. or post to the IoTivity mailing list.

Features Under Consideration

The following table lists features that are under discussion.

JIRA Description Contributor Notes
Legacy ZigBee Device Support Intel Design Available
Legacy Z-Wave Device Support Intel
Resource Directory Habib (Samsung)
Ravi S (Intel)
Standard Specification B
Design Available

Features Under Development

Description Contributor Notes Planned Trending
Remote Access (Phase II) Vijay K (Intel)
Work Systems
v0.9.2 v0.9.2
BT/BLE Support - Interop Samsung Design Available v0.9.2 v0.9.2
Multiple Adaptor Support API Doug H (Intel) v0.9.2 v0.9.2
IPv6 (Production) John L (Intel) Design Available v0.9.2 v0.9.2
IOT-672 NFC Transport Ashok C (Samsung) Design Proposal v1.0
Routing Manager for heterogeneous network transports Samsung Design Available v1.0.0 v1.0.0
IOT-684 Multi-PHY EasySetup (Phase II) Samsung Design Available v1.0 v1.0

Features Completed

JIRA Description Notes Released
Standard Specification A Compliance See release notes for details v0.9.2
CBOR v0.9.2
Remote Access (Phase I) Experimental. Disabled by default v0.9.2
BT/BLE Support Interop issues exist, but will be closed in the next release. Design Available v0.9.2
IPv6 Experimental. Final clean up, docs and samples will be available in the next release. Design Available v0.9.2
BLOCK-wise transfer Design Available v0.9.2

Features Abandoned

JIRA Description Notes Release Version
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