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 To build the API reference documentation:​ To build the API reference documentation:​
-  - Navigate to the iotivity/resource/​docs folder using the terminal window. +  - Navigate to the ''​resource/​docs'' ​folder using the terminal window. 
-  - Run the following command:+  - In ''​c-doc''​ and ''​cpp-doc''​ run the following command:
 <code bash> <code bash>
 $ doxygen $ doxygen
 +  - To add the Java docs run the following command:
 +<code bash>
 +$ ./​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-This command builds ​the API reference documentation ​in the output ​directory+These commands build the docs in the local working ​directory, not in the output directory ​used to store built binaries. So for example find the C SDK docs in: ''​resource/docs/c-doc/​docs/​html/​index.html''​
- +
-The output directory for this command is iotivity/resource/​docs/​html/​index.html.+
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