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Each Step requires Maintainer approval. However, I don't think every step does not require formal material or process. Just consensus looks fair enough.


Use Case Diagram
         Some of the major use cases with the peer to peer device interaction perspective.
Feature Definition
         Feature level description from the Scenario Level (use case)


Resource Modeling
         Resource Data Model for each device
         Protocol Flow for each major use case
         Module view and interaction View (Class diagram or Sequence Diagram in case of OOP)
         Deployment Diagram is preferable to be provided
API Design
         API Prototyping
         API with detail signature
         (This could be redundant step from class diagram but will be valid in case Class diagram is not detail and conceptual)


       Initial Code is preferred to cover the basic path of major use case not for whole detail.
       Feature level incremental submit
Unit Test
       Code Coverage should be over the 70%
Sample Application
       For each platform.
       Android and Tizen application should be built by scons script together using Gradle or ANT build system.

Developer’s contents

API Document
     API document comment
       Doxyfile update
Programmer Guide
       Follow the template.
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