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Tizen build instructions

This section explains the steps to build csdk console samples of IoTivity for Tizen.

Instructions to build primitive services for Tizen can be found here: Primitive Services Guide

This section assumes that you have completed the steps in "How to use IoTivity Gerrit" .

Please note that IoTivity project currently only supports following Tizen configurations:

Tizen 2.4 with WiFi, BT (RFCOMM) and BLE (GATT)

<target_transport_value>= IP,BT,BLE | ALL

Prerequisites for building IoTivity for Tizen

  • Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04.
  • SCons version 2.4.0 or higher. For installation instructions, please refer to:
    Note: On Windows, install Python 2.x before installing scons.
  • A working Internet connection. During the process of the SCons build, the build script might download some or all of the following software from these respective sites: (If you use a proxy, be sure to set http_proxy & https_proxy environment variables.)

Build Instructions:

0. Setup tizen tools as explained at :

1. If you are building first time, then delete GBS-ROOT-RI-OIC folder from home directory.

Note: Default build server URL for Tizen is set in gbs configuration file @ iotivity/tools/tizen/.gbs.conf. If needed, same can be modified as per appropriate target.

2. Execute following command(s) to start build based on required connectivity:

Building for all transports :

$ scons -f resource/csdk/stack/samples/tizen/build/SConscript TARGET_OS=tizen TARGET_TRANSPORT=ALL

Building for specific transport :

$ scons -f resource/csdk/stack/samples/tizen/build/SConscript TARGET_OS=tizen TARGET_TRANSPORT=IP

Building for multiple transports :

$ scons -f resource/csdk/stack/samples/tizen/build/SConscript TARGET_OS=tizen TARGET_TRANSPORT=IP,BT,BLE

Upon successful execution of above command(s) RI library and sample applications will be generated at path


Executing Sample:

1) Copy the generated rpms(com-oic-ri-0.1-1.armv7l.rpm, com-oic-ri-sample-0.1-1.armv7l.rpm) to Tizen Device (say /opt/usr/media/xyz/)
2) sdb shell
3) su
4) --update
5) cd /opt/usr/media/xyz/
6) Install the rpms using the following commands:
	a) rpm -Uvh com-oic-ri-0.1-1.armv7l.rpm --force --nodeps
	b) rpm -Uvh com-oic-ri-sample-0.1-1.armv7l.rpm --force --nodeps
7) RPM's will be installed in "/usr/apps/"
8) Execute the sample app by below commands
	(1) cp -rf /usr/apps/com.oic.ri.sample/bin .
	(2) cd bin
	(3) ./ocserver -o0 [For Server sample]
	(4) ./occlient -t2 [For client sample]
	(5) ./ocrouting [For Gateway sample]

Note: To see other possible build commands, simply specify “-h” at the end of the scons command. For example:

scons TARGET_OS=tizen -h
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