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Primitive Service contains lots of individual services. API naming convention is required to maintain the consistency as follows.

Public C API

For Each Service, put the prefix to represent its service and distinguish from others.


ESResult ESinitEnrollee(ESEventCallback)

Public C++ API

Use the naming space as OIC::Service and place whole class with same level following general C++ practice.


 OIC::Service::EasySetup, OIC::Service::EasySetupDeviceInfo

Class name or method name does not requires to have the specific prefix as like C API.

Public Java API

Specify each category as multiple level of depths. Put the prefix as like “iotivity.service”.

Under the specific service, you can place the additional package to specify the feature.



Common class for specific service can be placed under iotivity.service.easysetup or Common class for whole services can be placed under iotivity.service.

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