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  • data 16th May, 2017
  • Early Next week(Monday), I’ll make the RC3, which will be the final candidate for 1.3.0 release.
  • Please notify me whenever add item happen or state update is required.
  • # Notification, MOT is not supported in this release due to the new OCF1.0 security has conflict with it.
Category ID Title Priority Assignee Expected etc
Security IOT-2036 C++ OCSecuredResource crash P1 Randeep   May-17
Security IOT-2261 Fail at PerformJustWorksOxM in Unit TC P1 Andrii   May-17
Security IOT-2262 Unit Test/Sample mfgcert OTM failed P1 Andrii   May-17
Security IOT-2263 Dos feature enabling P1 Dmytro   May-17  
Security Dos Reset API enabling P1 Dmytro   May-17 gerrit/#19905/
Security IOT-1928 ace2 Resource “wc” P1 Nathan      
Security IOT-1876 SSL mutex (patch under review) P1 Dan Mihai
Security IOT-2205 g_sslContextMutex synchronization needs improvements - P1 Dan Mihai depends on IOT-1876
Security IOT-2197 Callers of GetSslPeer (including GetCASecureEndpointData) P2 Sergiy    
Security IOT-2264 Android Cloudprovisioningclient Crashed P1 Randeep   May-17  
Security IOT-2265 Android Discover Unowned device fail in sample P1 Randeep   May-17  
Security IOT-2266 Sample app OTM Sample fail JW/Random pin P1 Randeep   May-17  
Security IOT-2269 CTT fail by response from /oic/sec/csr resource P1 Nathan     From CTT report
Security [CTT 1.5.7] CT1.7.2.1-2 JW OTM - devowneruuid P1 Nathan     From CTT report
Security IOT-2258 EndPoint info exposure fix for /doxm P1 Todd     From CTT report
Security IOT-1973 Version info get/put from client/server P1 Ziran May-17  
Base IOT-2277 OcRepresentation usage is now broken in Java P1 Pawel   May-17  
Security IOT-2271 provisioningclient fails to discover sampleserver_randompin, when using default ACEs P1 Nathan  
Security IOT-1568 Use-after-free crash in PMDeviceDiscovery P1 Amar      
Base IOT-2276 Public APIs on Windows need x86 calling convention P1 Omar    
Base IOT-2274 Json2Cbor tool needs to be updated to support introspection files P2        
Security IOT-2246 checkSslOperation continues using peer object already freed by DTLSHandshakeCB P1 Dan Mihai  
Security IOT-2197 Callers of GetSslPeer (including GetCASecureEndpointData) P2 Sergiy Dubov
Base IOT-1842 OC::OCRepresentation doesn't work when compiled with VS2013. P2 Soemin      
Security IOT-1739 DTLS handshake cannot recover from 2 seconds delay ?? Randeep      
Base IOT-1692 OICStrcat, OICStrcatPartial, OICStrcpyPartial should indicate that the destination buffer was too small ?? Ashok      
Base IOT-2268 build warnings in resource/c_common/platform_features.h P2 Pawel      
IPCA IOT-2259 Windows: Handle Persistent Storage for UWP Apps P2 Ibrahim      
IPCA IOT-2204 compiler warnings related to IPCA, on Linux P2 Soemin      
IPCA IOT-2228 IPCA don't let app stop observe more than once, the stack raises exception P2 Soemin
  • From the test Iotivity 1.3-rel against CTT 1.5.7, there are lots of CTT side and so on.
  • Resolving IoTivity issue from this CTT version, cannot give any meaning in this step.
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