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  • Participants: Ziran.Sun, Sergiy, Antu, Phil, Christian, Dongik, and Uze.Choi, Randeep
  • Agenda: IoTivity 1.3 Feature progress & CTT/Test Blocking issue
    • The remaining jira issues could not discussed how to resolve so many items.
Discovery Endpoint
  • There are two issue in Discovery Endpoint. But these two issues are under the certain environment, no blocking issue for whole testing.
  • In case of multiple interfaces [Jira will be there soon from Antu]
  • In case of TCP connection. Missing tcp port info.. [Jira will be there soon from Antu]
  • Scenario with old client to new server: looks like spec issue. [Jira will be there soon from Antu, Dwarka should help it from spec view] 
  • Accept version API from E.H for application developer  [Fundamental issue still there Ziran will report back]
[Security - onboarding Break]
  • Randeep, Antu and Sergiy together resolved by today. [Randeep organize]


  • Participants: Dave, Nathan, Mitch, Todd, Rick Uze.Choi, Omar
  • Agenda: IoTivity 1.3 Feature progress for security/MPM, AJbridge, UPnP, security onboarding issue(blocking)
  • Existing feature Security provisioning break
    • Even is merged, still issue on linux machine (Windows env, it looks work)
    • When This patch is Tested with CTT, still we have issue. So CTT will be fixed to change a property related with Read-only.
  • 1.3.0 Security features
    • Once provisioning is fixed in time, all features could be merged by this week. [Nathan]

MPM, AJ bridge

  • All pending patch to be merged.
    • Open issues need to be evaluated whether they affect CTT pass or not. (e,g: optional features)
      • We can triage out what to be fixed next.
  • Todd reply which open jira ticket should be done for 1.3.0 release
UPnP bridge
  • It sound like there is pending issue. Rick, please share the context.
  • 1.3.0 release Target is pass the CTT (even though this is intermediate version), Lets focus on it.
  • Let’s mark P1 in Jira with 1.3.0 fix version, for CTT fail issue or blocking issues. (As Nathan did it on 7 Jira tickets)
    • Todd, Nathan, Rick to notify RC2 which contain all code patch for 1.3.0 feature.
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